[ Ethiopia Natural Jima Niguse Lemma G3 ]

衣索比亞-日曬-吉馬-尼古斯內瑪-Grade 3

老闆說是競標豆來的,Google 了一下這支豆子,評價相當高,杯測分數高過大有名氣的耶加雪夫,淪落到我這咖啡雛兒手裡,算它的不幸?


Aromatically, Nigusie Lemma has it "all going on", as the kids say, or used to say. The dry Fragrance* is exploding with fruit ...fill-the-room kind of fruit aromatics. Peach and plum are the dominant fruit notes, with mango as well. It's flamboyantly sweet, a heady, slightly winey and somewhat rustic sweetness, raw brown sugar, and even a suggestion of beef broth. The break* is very sweet, fruited with plum and dry berry, as well as toasted coconut and cocoa powder roast tones.The cup is peaches, right off the bat, canned peaches in syrup. After a small temperature drop, other fruits emerge. Again, mango along with dried apricot. In a slightly darker roast I had berry, but more like a blueberry toaster waffle, well done.The mouthfeel is thin on the initial slurp, but as it passes off the palate it thickens, with a waxy slickness, an almond oil quality.The finish has Brazil nut, and the fruits turn toward a tropical fruit salad mix; pineapple, peach, guava, lychee, banana.

Dry Fragrance:In the cupping procedure for tasting and scoring coffee, this is the smell of the dry, ground coffee before hot water is added. The term fragrance is used since it is normally applied to things we smell but do not consume (perfume, for example), whereas aroma is usually applied to foods and beverages.

Break:In coffee cupping, the "breaking of the crust" of floating grounds, part of aromatic evaluation. You add water to the coffee grounds, filling the cup, and wait 4 minutes. At this point there is still a crust of floating coffee grinds. You put your nose right above the cup and "break" this crust by stirring it with the spoon. The grinds sink, and the coffee can be tasted anywhere from 5-15 minutes after the break.

看米國文太累這兒有中文的.... 不過,還是看沒有 :)




再來是外行不負責任喝後亂亂評﹝Of Course,不會出現什麼桃、李、芒果、花.. 等字眼出現。因為,喝不ㄘ來﹞:

首先,豆子一磨下去,散發出的香氣相當圓潤厚實,有很濃的「烤什麼?」的味道﹝不知如何形容,就像剛烤完東西的烤爐或烤箱那樣的氣息吧!﹞,這點讓我相當意外,原以為以豆性和烘焙度﹝淺﹞來說,氣味不會如此濃郁才對。假掰一點,「嗯.. 這味道很有深度」。

入口觸碰到舌尖的那個 Moment,靠!真的是甜的,含在口中後慢慢轉酸,不是很刺激的酸,是很柔很舒服的酸,帶著很足的甘味,或許一開始的甜就是這樣來的。